Welcome to the new financial year.

In the wake of the Senate Inquiry and anticipation of the Financial System Inquiry we've made some significant refinements to openAFSL and provide users with an even faster, clearer and more efficient review process.

Our latest refinements include:

○ Your observations can now include as much text as you want to include. The character limit has been entirely removed to enable you to make your observations as detailed and specific as you would like. 
○ Observations can be listed in the order you'd like or nestled - accordion style -according to their impact. 

○ You can choose whether or not to include the qualitative advice rating in the report. 
○ New template styles have been added specifically for Pre-vet review types, which in addition to reporting on the current review will also display adviser Pre-vet history. 

Additional Enhancements 
● Reviews 
○ Improved speed in ‘Loading Observations’ for file reviews. 
○ Underlying algorithms have been refined and amended. 

We've also made some minor changes to layout and functionality to improve the user experience.

openAFSL development is driven by its users. If there is something you'd like to see refined, developed or changed share your ideas. You benefit from your peers doing the same.