On the eve of the New Financial Year, some significant changes have been made to improve openAFSL and provide users with even more efficient reporting and cleaner data. Our latest Release (version 3.5.4) includes changes to:

○ We've added the facility to specify in the adviser record what types of advice (if any) need to be pre-vetted. This addresses the general pre-vetting you might require for induction or remediation as well as the pre-vetting of Specialist Advice areas such as SMSF, equities or margin lending.  
○ The system will provide you with additional options for tracking Pre-vet resubmissions, initial submission and the adviser's Pre-vet history.
○ When you schedule a review, an email confirmation can now be sent direct to the adviser as part of the review creation process. You have the capacity to review or amend the email prior to it being sent.  
○ Additional questionnaires can be sent with the review confirmation, and the adviser's responses to the questionnaire will be reflected in their dashboard. This is particularly useful for pre-review assessments, targeted reviews or operational assessments. If you would like help customising this function for your business we can assist or refer you to our partner, Assured Support, for specialist assistance. 
○ When you are completing a review the severity of each observation is now displayed prior to answering. 
○ Observations are now listed in order of consequence with the significant issues up front and the positive observations being listed in the last pages of the report. 
○ New template styles have been added specifically for Pre-vet review types, which in addition to reporting on the current review will also display adviser Pre-vet history. 
Additional Enhancements 
● Reviews 
○ Improved speed in ‘Loading Suggested Issues’ for finalising reviews. 
○ Files are now locked when they are finalised. 
● Pre-vet 
○ Pre-vet files now score as Approved / Not Approved. 
○ Pre-vet reviews no longer require an Operational Risk Assessment file to be finalised.